JanusArt - doors, bookcases and secret passages
Falegnameria Dario Biagioni - Florence - Italy

The birth of Janus Art


In the early 90s I began restoring furniture and learning about different styles and techniques in woodworking, thanks to my passion and constant willingness to learn, combined with the good luck of meeting craftsmen who were coming to the end of their working lives and prepares to pass on their valuable experience in the simplest way.


From restoration I gradually turned towards cabinet-making and decoration.


Our work involves going into houses, and the owner of one house showed me a secret passage  from an old bathroom, via a disused staircase, leading to a room built as a hiding place in times of war.


Doors, bookcases and secret passages Doors, bookcases and secret passages


Since childhood I had always been fascinated by secret passages in stories and films, but now for the first time I could see for myself their structural complexity and how optical illusion could help to hide them.


The philosophy of JanusArt


Knowledge of what lies inside is something which has been with me for several years and my search took me first towards Gestalt psychology and subsequently towards the Enneagram.

The Enneagram in particular, which I approached via the SAT programme of the Chilean psychiatrist and philosopher Claudio Naranjo, proved to be a powerful tool enabling one to find the "centre" of oneself and, as with any true spiritual journey, re-emerge with the positive energy needed to fulfil one's potential.


My furniture is not only the result of a working with wood, with enormous care and attention, but also the concrete expression of my way of experiencing the sense of the divine.


I make doors, passages and bookcases for keeping precious things; the hiding-place inside is the same "container" that we need to create within ourselves.


We ourselves are the true jewel, and the only way to fill our lives is through the inner space.


And this is how the secret place is identified with the holy place.



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